Removing The Mid Game!! Greatest Long Passes In Football History – Reaction

What’s up everybody mmm what’s up everybody whoa back back your morning action videos man you know what’s going known today all right man y’all know I love the passage long passing short passing even passes that go into the goal I love them okay I do so I have somebody down in the comments man they were saying man I.
Know you like the passing I.

Stuff I got the video for you this right here is called greatest long passes and football history we don’t get this started let’s go okay okay okay okay here we go Wow how’d it man dip did it just go after it man oh.

My god I’m sorry I thought that was like that a little bit dramatic but I’m just saying fuck holy shit what Hey look at that pass who’s that bit wait little a who is that who did what okay.

Okay relax just relax relax like what a pass goli what are you doing why are you outside the box like outside of me what are you gonna anyway what a pass look at that oh my god bro dog oh my I thought he was gonna hit one of the middle people he.

Went the other he went the other went wing to wing how did he know though how did.

He know that he was getting it and look over there damn holy shit he made that – holy shit doesn’t me a lot of cussing in this Cup guys I’m not gonna not gonna lie.

All man look at the run you got caught chasing homie Wow damn couldn’t even you could even.

Stop it can you stop it nice Oh God look ya’ll don’t understand that is vision at it at a hundred percent look at oh my fucking god bro you Newt man the person who requested knew I was gonna like this shit ah they knew it oh yeah he’s seen him he’s seen them nice nice good control – I don’t.

Know if he got the ball taking that look like he got a little I love those passes that get.

Shot up field and I just goes right through the whole maze the whole formation of the other team oh my god if that’s not a lead pass I don’t know what is Danny failed though but look at that that just got shot.

Like a laser oh wow already know who that a that’s deploying that’s the burner this seen them nice run right over them oh I was standing back there too nice the next these these oh these are man this is so fucking beautiful like there’s no look at that.

Bro look at that look at that and those are men died I’m just saying bro don’t know they’re.

Crazy those are look at his control they’re great oh my god great control I’m freaking out man what it tight okay what it takes and you shot that over.

There oh you lift that up yeah seeing this one oh my god if that’s not sexy I don’t know what is that was man oh damn what a pass what a pass man look out they’re controlling it too how they even lifted that up Wow god this is dropped it right in there damn damn well first of all where’s the.

Team over there those are not notes that declamation was roster all mine to the chest of it damn there’s one getting shot up.
Field beautiful control well it is oh my god oh my this Wow Hey I.

Don’t know why you tried to intercept that I don’t know why you did good job getting back there but that wasn’t risky that was good man look at this between two people good.


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