My "rules" For Modest And Beautiful Dress (part 2)

Why hello everyone its Lauren and today we’re gonna continue our talk about modesty in part one I talked a little bit about theology on modesty and kind of alluded to a little bit of my opinion on the matter but I didn’t want to put my full opinion on modesty in that first video because it just didn’t seem appropriate.

I didn’t want to confuse theology with my opinions so I decided to make them in separate.

Videos you might think I’m flat dead wrong and that’s okay but it’s totally fine and feel free to let me know in the comments because this is a conversation and we can all help each other achieve virtue my name is Lauren for those of you who are new and here at the crunchy Catholics we like to cultivate the pure and.

The true so if that’s something that you want to do go ahead and click Subscribe and join our crew don’t forget to hit that Bell notification I come – got it got it good alright moving on okay I’m gonna give you a little quick version of my modesty journey that way you know.

Where all these crazy ideas are coming from I grew up in a very holistic natural home I’d say I saw all my siblings being born okay so that just kind of gives.
You an idea of how sensitive I am to nakedness okay I’m not I’m not.

And it always seemed very natural for me to see women breastfeeding and births and just different things that some children were really sheltered from I was.

Not sheltered from that and so it was very ordinary to me but I must say it wasn’t in a distorted way it was in a very healthy way this is how God created the universe and these are things that God did but I.

Was never ashamed about nakedness okay so fast forward fast hard fast forward she told me when I was a teenager if you’ve got it flaunt it you can get what you want based on what you wear now I don’t think she would even remember saying this to me I don’t think she would stand by this opinion anymore but she told.

Me that and it really stuck why that did a number and so from a teenage age I started using my body to get what I wanted using my body to get what I wanted not to the extreme okay so I wasn’t like overboard and doing.

Lesser degree dressing in clothes that flaunted parts of me that I thought were attractive so that was me.

In high school and in college and my husband met me about that time and I basically tried to manipulate him with my womanly ways and he didn’t fall for it so that was part of the reason we fell in love at that time I reverted to the faith you can watch my story there if you haven’t seen it already and.

I was learning more and more about these terms that I’ve never really heard of and well I was looking more into modesty and I realized oh man like I am so off-base.

But then I went the other way I became so humiliated and ashamed of the way I’ve.

Been carrying myself that I went the other direction I felt so much shame for.

My body I felt shame for all the natural parts of life and I became extremely conservative like to.

The point of I was wearing skirts to my toes and long sleeves and this phase didn’t last very long because I didn’t feel like I was being true to myself at all and I’ll get into this a little bit warm and so I started playing around with it and figuring out where my comfort zone was and where God really was calling me how he was calling me to dress I invited him in the conversation and which is something I had not.

And that’s where I am now so I’m gonna go ahead and give you my rules for modesty.

My personal rules that I give myself as well as some things I’ve learned along the way I mentioned that I went through that really conservative phase and what was disordered in that time in my life was this I believed that somehow the clothes were changing me from the outside in as if wearing us long.

Skirt and long sleeves and a scarf and all that good stuff was somehow making me more virtuous on the inside versus trying to become more virtuous on the inside working on modesty in the sense of the word that we discussed in video 1.

Where it is a virtue working on the virtue and then the clothing reflecting that virtue I was working on are you following me sorry if that’s ambiguous so what I learned is modesty is from the inside out so praying about modesty discerning modesty in each given situation culture.

Does make a difference and I visited a few tropical islands where being covered just wasn’t the norm and I don’t feel like they were hyper sexualized over there that’s not.
The sense I got of course I wasn’t looking out for.

That back then so I don’t know something else I’ve learned is I’m not.

Very material my clothes are important to me I understand they send a message but they’re really not that important to me so when I get so caught up in how I’m dressed my head’s.

In the wrong place because that’s not.

Me I’m really more of like an unnatural mama and the clothes are just kind of secondary another thing I learned if you’re a beautiful woman men will look at you let me repeat that.

We’ll look at you if you’re a beautiful woman it doesn’t really matter how.

You’re dressed they’re gonna think things about you period now I am latina and there are certain things that.

God has given Latinos that we just cannot really hide no matter ha ha.

Maan is our skirt is unless we put a whole sheet over us right and I think I was so ashamed of these curves that God gave me but now I am not so in my humble opinion how you act speak much louder than how you dress if you are in a bad.

Place and you are giving men the wrong idea they can see that in.

Your eyes it’s how you dress is to me less suggestive than how you act another thing I’ve learned people will freak out if you go against the grain oh I could do a whole video about this one I had an incident with breastfeeding in public and I was covered but I was going against the grain.

Breast breastfeeding and anyway it almost ended in a lawsuit it was so bad buy whatever you’re doing people are gonna have issue with it if you’re to cover it up people are gonna have issue with it if you’re not covered enough people are gonna have issue with it so you must discern what you need to do for yourself and do that align it with God okay also another thing I learned modesty is a journey the amount of clothes someone is wearing.


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