3d Printed Clothes – Analysis

One day, you will not go shopping anymorebecause you are able to print your clothes at home.
How wonderful it is if 3D printing becomesmore popular in the future.

In this video, I will analyze a Ted talk tilted“Forget shopping.

Soon you’ll download your new clothes”the speaker names Danit Peleg.

She is a Fashion Designer known for her 3DPrinted Fashion work.

Danit’s 3D printed graduate collection madewaves in the fashion and tech worlds.

During her presentation, there were two interestingpoints for me.

First, Danit printed amazing dresses whichwere made from hard plastics. Especially, 3D printing make the dresses lookexactly like they wanted. She tried to print five fashionable looksfrom different materials which made audience more interested. Second, Danit did not only print dresses,but also printed necklace and shoes. The presentation was amazing because it providednew information about 3D printed at home. The speaker used visuals which were powerpointand.

A model who wore a 3D printed outfit.

Were effective because the audience couldeasily see the process to create 3D printed clothes via powerpoint. They also directly looked at the 3D printedoutfit on the model. For delivery, the speaker had good eye contact,and providing a lot evidences such as her stories.

During working on 3D printing. However, she was moving a lot during her presentation. In conclusion, the speech provided new informationabout technology to the audience. Some of audiences will want to have a 3D printerat home to print clothes like the way they want. I hope I will own a 3D printer.

To design myclothes like the way I want.


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