Nicki Minaj Disses Steve Madden Apology 'eat A D Your Shoes Suck', Drake Reacts Funk Flex Diss

Champagne papi responds to Funk Flex Nicki Minaj tells Steve Madden to go eat addy when he apologizes sticking his nose in a beef between two girls that he should probably just stayed out of being a corporate corporations don’t poke their heads and things unless it’s a it’s a problem you know they couldn’t let’s just break all this down.

It’s craziness George a teen who said that Bella this is her eye button.

Hit that thumbs up button okay so Steve Madden responded to car Nicki saying that she turned down the Steve Madden feel before cardi the only reason she said that his card he said she turned on the diesel deal and that’s why Nicki got it so there’s proof out there Irv.

Gotti tried to bring this deal in Nicki a few years ago she didn’t like the shoes she declined the deal and went to Iggy Azalea Iggy.

Azalea felt like she was snaked by Steve Madden cuz they released a photo she didn’t like and it was a nightmare and then Steve Madden went on some with some publication and said that it was a nightmare working with Iggy Azalea I should have worked.

With Nicki Minaj I should have made that deal work 50 cent dug that up and called Steve Madden out as being a liar.

Nicki co-signed it a co-signed it okay so then Steve Madden was forced to like oh man I’m caught out here.

I gotta redeem myself so he said sorry right he said he tried to take the high road but it was a little too late he was like he said oh here’s Nicki Minaj is an incredibly.

Talented artist but we couldn’t work together cuz the timing wasn’t right cardi B came on the scene and I had a fantastic collaboration with her and she is also an amazing talent I love both Nicki and cardi B and I hope they can reach some piece together they they could probably take.

Over the world there’s a lot of negativity out there right now and I shouldn’t have contribute to that well Nicki said eat addy dude you lied you.

Lie to me because it was trendy thing to do ain’t nobody.

Buying that clown ish we couldn’t work out work it out together cuz I said the shoes were ugly you see how when you do clownery it comes back to bite you we’re not buying it respond to.

50 instead of picking up women then someone said they retweeted just turned down a shoe.

Deal for 4 million dollar shoe deal eat a D and choke Steve Madden Nikki said when did I say this for the record since you wanted attention asshole turn down four million now eat my ass and go away.

My fans will never support you for gig okay it’s okay so anyways that that’s hopefully that whole thing’s done then we got Drake we had a funk flags talk about Drake never rides he brought that whole conversation up cuz cardi B was called out for being milli vanilli by Nicki so then Drake’s was brought up and it was brought up on Styles P and Davies interview and Davies was laughing at Drake so.

Obviously that Drake’s not gonna be friends with Davies.

Anymore well Drake responded in his own way he put up a.

Picture him in some Goonies and said no lol’s over here we’re not laughing it’s not funny we don’t take this as a joke a lot of people were giving reflects a lot of backlash I don’t know why flex is so.

Hard on Drake yet cardi for that matter I know I think the cardi things more because he knows her original.

Manager and she kind of dict him over allegedly but I don’t know that I don’t get the.

Drake thing he really really really doubles down on them and I think it’s because it gets attention we’re giving it attention right now well anyways guys that’s the update for right now hit that thumbs up button hit that.

Notification bell cuz when the news breaks we fix it here at JT News I’ll check you guys later.


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