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Hi I’m Alexis Brown – Morgan Brown like / hey guys it’s like / so I’m basically about to get ready for bed I do a glycolic peel once a week and yes I said glycolic you guys can google that if you’ve never heard of it before but this technique has worked for me I will share how my skin.

Looked prior to this and I’ll share my experience on that as.

Well but right now we’re about to cleanse honey so right now of course I’m.

Cleansing my skin with cold.

Water I’m also using sulfur cleanse.

You guys my dermatologist prescribed this to me about two years ago and I’ve been using it ever since then this is the best cleanser.

That I have ever used and I don’t plan on using anything else so yeah we’re gonna basically go through some.

Techniques and some steps that can really help my potential viewers out there I know that I run into a lot.

Of people and they talk about the skin okay okay so number one make sure you have all of your tools you need the glycolic peel I’m.

Using a 20% on my skin make sure you have your q-tips you got a 50% alcohol and also take notes make sure you do not rub your skin and make sure you also have your towelettes ready you want to make sure if you don’t have the absorbent towel let’s make sure that you use paper towels that works the same way so.

Right now I’m dehydrating my skin I’m making sure that I have all of the toxins out of it I’ve had already pre cleanse my face already of course.

Excess makeup that I had on eyebrow pencil whatever it is kisses on young man honey the atmosphere whatever it is make sure you get it off and you want to make sure you just dehydrate your skin so you can get the best of the product as you can see on my skin has well you guys definitely can’t see because you don’t see uh before or before but my skin has definitely come a long way I’ve never had bad skin but living in different areas.

Other than where you’re from you do experience different bodily changes and I really couldn’t explain why my skin went through this process you know but it took years and as you can see my skin is not perfect glycolic peel dehydrate if you guys have any questions feel free to reach out to me I can kind of walk you through.

It this video did not help you as much you.

Guys the glycolic peel is going to sense when I say it’s going to sense it’s not going to be burning don’t freak out you’re gonna feel a sensing like a sensation feeling and that’s.

How you kind of know that you are in need of removing the chemical and this is different from a chemical peel I’ve also had a chemical peel years ago from diamond bases in Atlanta she does a wonderful job wonderful job.

I had a facial from her and everything I didn’t continue to go I didn’t see a drastic change in my skin yeah it wasn’t until I actually got in school to be an institution where I actually learned.

All of the smart techniques and you guys I stood to wear.

My second week anesthetics my skin healed and basically I was treating my skin me and one of my favorite girls my colleague corty.

She gave me facials every week and I got a guy glycolic peel also every week for Meghan and then you know after I was done with the school I started to do my own glycolic peels I kept up the process so you want to make sure that you’re continuing to do so right now as you can see I am putting on.

The glycolic peel you want to use a q-tip just use a q-tip you make sure you use a q-tip and put it all over your face keep away from your lips your eyebrows and edges it doesn’t necessarily harm it but you want to keep it.

Away from it and so a lot of people like to well I can only speak for myself and people that I’ve seen in the classroom but.

We like to go for second or third swaps honey I want to make.

Sure that I get all of me so I do apply second and third phases on my skin and this simply means that my skin has grown to the ability to be able to take the sensing which is not a burning feeling I’m teaching you.

Guys if you’re saying oh it’s burning it’s burning no it’s sensing you do want to make sure once you’re sensing and.

It’s too much for you to handle that you remove it with cold water which I’ll show you towards the.

End of the video okay you guys so basically now I’m just adding another phase of the glycolic peel on my skin I actually skip probably two weeks otherwise this mark would have been gone y’all have to make sure.

That you guys are really watching what you’re taking in and see your body I know you probably are.

Already aware of this is are just tips that I can.

Share that I’ve learned over time and I know that it can help other.

People so yeah you want to make sure of course you’re washing your sheets you want to make sure that you’re drinking water definitely things that are beneficial.

To your body yeah I had like four sodas last week and I know I was wrong today I guess.

That’s why my face had a reaction you know because I did not have a mark.

On my skin so by my skin being this color caramel light kind of brown tone it’s easily easily able to see you’re easily able to see marks on my skin so you know.

You want to make sure that you keep yourself yeah I walked away I don’t know if I heard I don’t know what was going on at this moment all but definitely.

Make sure that you’re taking care of your skin I was allergic to pasta and wheat for about a year any time I would eat pasta or wheat bread face will break out you.

Know and now I pastas my favorite we eat pasta all the time and I haven’t had a break out since then you know I mean it’s just different things you have to make sure that you.

Are going with the flow of your body and making sure that you are aware of when your body says yes or.

Your body says no so you definitely have to make sure you are intact with that women we are very on point with that so definitely make sure that we’re we’re taking care of ourselves there’s this.

Number one we can look good on outside all day honey but what’s going on the inside and really on the outside so really matters so y’all I’m doing another phase.

Phases basically and then I’m going to go ahead and cleanse this off you want to make sure that you are using.

Cold water when removing this as you can see I’m going over the same areas as well but this this towel towelette is drenched in cold water make sure you guys are using cold water and yes of course when you’re going to get this service done you’re laying down standing.

Up it is a hassle maybe for others but you know it’s okay if your shirt gets wet if your countertops Kiewit if things get wet honey wipe.

It up so yes I am now just applying the cold water to my skin because like I said I felt a sensing feeling.

You’re going to feel they’re sensing.

Feeling and you want to make sure it goes away.

And you want to move quickly too because this product does not need to stay on longer than five or.

Six minutes you can let it sit for up to ten minutes but I don’t you don’t want to get a you don’t.

Want to get your skin you can get a burn mark basically it heals I had one the second time of me getting it done and not me doing it myself but you guys as you can see my skin already looks different so as time goes on maybe by what’s today today is the Wednesday so I say by Monday this layer of my skin would have been peeled off and I named Tamila canoe.

Just continuing to whip my skin now with a dry cold towelette so that it can dry up as you can see y’all y’all can see it looks totally different.

I didn’t have any lighting to this video I’m not doing anything other than showing y’all a rare.

Form of me using a technique that I’ve been using so it’s not always about makeup this makeup that what goes on under your makeup really matters and anybody that knows me knows that I have always been very serious about my skin if I had a breakout child you will not see me.

I damn near be out of school in high school and I actually high school I had the perfect in the perfect skin like I said it just comes from over time and being in Atlanta.

I really believe their harsh water all of.

That made a big difference but anywho you guys I’m.

Almost in the drying stage that glow honey yes yes honey so.

I’m air drying is the best thing to do with your skin air dry make sure you guys are not pulling and rubbing on your skin when you’re cleansing your.

Skin just on a daily basis yeah I was wiping under my eyes about a week ago and my under my eyes to swell up because I scratched it so.

Here it says for you to use the SPF yes tomorrow morning when I get up I will be putting an SPF on my skin because I am also hyper allergenic meaning the Sun can either be my friend or my honey it depends I am using this aqua for y’all I love it I love it it gives me the moisturizer that I need I don’t use any type of lotion.

On my skin lotion really breaks me out I’ve used everything honey and and the water is stored I’m gonna do a hard line the do’s and don’ts of that as well but as you can see I use less than a pea size of.

This moisturizer so my lips yes yes and then I’m going to you.

Know moisturize it and massage it into around my eyes go upward upward upward and then into my forehead and like I said it just feels so good my skin doesn’t feel as clogged like lotion would do and I’m still fanning yeah y’all like subscribe comment no negativity god.

Mena’s not know what’s gonna come honey but let’s be positive let’s try to help people who are dealing with insecurities.

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