Texas Tech Football Vs. Oklahoma: Kingsbury Presser| 2018

To go wide and we thought he’d stick his foot in the ground and walk in the end zone but you know he.

Didn’t and so I’m ended up taking a shot oh yeah oh yeah yeah I think he’s fine I saw him after the game he’s a.

Tough young man I think he did something to his shoulder.

But nothing drastic and thought he’d played with a lot of juice was hitting hard like he always does and had a great energy out there yeah I think the only thing was having.

A better plan for jet early you know I tried to do some stuff that I should have found a way to get him more come to all the start of that second half.

Than I did and so I wish I’d have done that because once he got a rhythm and he was competing and doing his.

Deal he played really well and so that from my perspective that was it but everybody played hard and I thought special teams once again gave us a chance and some areas punted the ball well kicked off well you know Clayton hit his field goals and so that’s an area that continues to help us stay in games the.

I’ve seen him before you know I thought they reacted well we came back down I mean obviously they scored within the came back down Gordon you know that was a play we’d practice a bunch and and Seth you know we talent hey give us a chance somehow thought in the.

End zone you just don’t expect.

So that was just a misfortune but it wasn’t on him it was it was all.

Me for calling it yeah we had three of them and we used one on Zach’s and one on TJ’s.

Touchdown earlier in the game and so that was our last one left and we drafted a ton we liked it they played it well they didn’t go for the bait and you know made a good play on it yeah that was one of them and then.

The one who Zach was one of them and then that was our third one so I had to draw up some more this week much-improved you know last week that really hurt us some big.

Plays personal thousand and whatnot had a Tony penalty yards last week I felt like I really heard us and put us in a hole and that that’s a.

Few watch out you play their physical Bunch they’re a tough bunch mean bunch up front they take it to you and I felt like we did a good job of resisting the temptation to get into that stuff and we got to carry that on we have to eliminate penalties and free yards moving.

Forward in these last three yeah I mean they had some shots that they dropped and some different things but I thought.

Hard both those guys are NFL players and they can really really run so I thought we fought as well as we could have done against him yeah I think des just had a good week of practice and so they wanted to get him in there and.

Get him some reps and Adrian was a little bit limited this week in practice due to a ankle from the previous week and so he didn’t practice as much as we would’ve liked and you don’t I’ve said this all week but I watched him from sophomore year in high school on and nobody’s ever slowed down I’ve never seen him have a bad game those are the first two like back-to-back interceptions I’ve.

Ever seen him have and he’s phenomenal I don’t know what you do and that’s why I say I think he could play the next level the way that was NFL offenses are planning to spread and doing stuff.

I don’t know they wanted to stop him up there either yeah you don’t want to score I mean we’re down in what for I think it was so you’re hoping you get it back have.

Go win it but but they’re a line their running backs Kyle they’re pulling it doing stuff it’s gonna be a tall task and they had a good plan good four-minute plan scored and got to take your hat off to him yeah I’m not sure I.

Have to ask jet I thought we had a good play call on and it looked like everybody went so I I didn’t ask you know we just called the next.

Play and moving on that was awesome really proud.

Of that kid I mean six years senior worked his tail off I told him you know he’s gonna make a big play for us at some point I was huge the catch and then be the wherewithal to stick it across the line he’s a stud football player and always has been and it’s a great contribution by him he’s a stud yeah he’s a stud I’ve said it every week man he keeps getting better and better and.

His focus and preparation is as good as any I’ve been around at that position and so he’s got to keep coming he’s a big part of our offense.


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