Texas Tech Football Vs. Oklahoma: Kingsbury Presser| 2018

Yeah I’m not sure I gotta check that out as soon as I leave here I mean fought hard you know fought hard that’s a really good football team they’re playing and you know had had some opportunities that would it came out hot you know started fast you need two against a team like that but just didn’t finish that.

Was yeah it wasn’t anything with his head so I don’t know I just know it won his head I.

Don’t know the exact extent of it I gotta go check him out after this yeah yeah near the goal line yes sir I know that’s when it occurred I’m not sure I broke the team down and then headed up here to talk you know we’ve been.

Fighting hard we just we got to find a way to win these games you know we’re not getting it done at the end of these close games and proud of Jetts effort you know I thought he came in a little bit sluggish I didn’t give him good plays early things he was coming for with but he you know that’s a tough spot once again he’s thrown in too and.

He competes and gives us a chance and so I was proud of his effort but we got to find a way to finish these games yeah especially.

Early getting those turnovers giving us a chance to put some distance between us and we really didn’t like we could have and you know they’re a really really good offense a toe line with that quarterback I don’t know who will stop them the way that.

Quarterback can move and run and then beat you in the pocket he’s phenomenal I don’t know who’s better than him in the country or who has been better than him in the last however many years some he is a special special talent out there it obviously didn’t help you know I’ve been proud.

Of Rico in the way he’s stepped up when called.

Upon last weekend this week but you’re talking.

About a senior veteran you know very cerebral player who gets us lined up and diagnosis things out there and to not him heaven most of the game obviously didn’t help our cause but those other guys played hard he’s just a spiritual leader.

Bunch of different ways well he was four go you know something happened in the game that I have to figure out but he was he practiced all week he was full girl it.

Wasn’t him know that one the issue I think so I knew it was a leg I didn’t get the extent of what they thought it was yeah I think she just didn’t see us a couple of times looking at it one he sailed him the first one you.

Know it looked like a big window and Dorsey kind of got behind some lineman and dropped into it but you got to give him credit the way he rebounded.

And didn’t blink and you know he’s a special talent it was good to get him going again you know that’s what we expected all year he had that growing injury and he hadn’t come back the way we needed him to the explosiveness in his running but he looked like it all week.

In practice and he looked like it tonight that he got is explosiveness back and he could cut full-speed and so we got to keep him going we needed we need to continue to work on that run game it got.

A little funky there trying to keep up at the end and we didn’t run as much as we’re delight but we had some big plays in the run game which gave us a chance yeah you know run it in he tried.


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