7 Ways You Can Travel (almost) For Free In 2019

Is different than you know just going on Craigslist and trying to.

Find a straight-up job where you’re gonna be working in a dish pit or salesman or whatnot these are specific opportunities that are actually pretty dope like Google work to live opportunities and you will find things for like hey we need someone helping out on our dive boat.

Or we’re looking for help in our yoga studio or we’ve got an animal shelter that needs dolphin these things aren’t all over the world like some of these websites have different opportunities like 50 plus countries and you can strain to figure out where you want to go how you want to travel a world with no money based on the opportunities.

That are available now we lead to number four become a travel influencer sounds pretty easy right I think that’s.

Kind of what a higher life has ended up becoming and we didn’t do this on purpose but in short I’m going to run this real quick by you I don’t want you to be too you know confused by this what is a travel influencer someone who has built a brand that makes content that has a bit of an audience and that works with businesses that funds them.

To travel the world it’s not simple if you want to learn more about how to do this we’ve got a link in the bio below that will teach.

You a little bit more but look guys I just wanted to mystify the world of travel because you don’t have to be rich to explore the world and if you use these interesting opportunities to your advantage and you put the time and energy and you go online and look for these really interesting opportunities you’re gonna find something that speaks to you and if you don’t have money this is.

The next best option I mean yeah you can stay at home you can work like a like a dog to.

Save up money but also spending money to live at home.

Or you can get a plane ticket to some country like get 350 bucks get a last-minute flight deal to Japan and then work in a panda Factory when they pay you and you’re living his life like a king playing with those fuzzy creatures look I’m not joking with you here’s a.

Great example my buddy Ken’s oh there was some competition that was a hosting.

It was like the best job in the world opportunity essentially it was how to become a professional scuba diving instructor he won it and he got I think he lived in Bali for six months all expenses paid got gear and all this stuff and this propelled his life.

Forward he ended up traveling to like five or six other countries afterwards teaching scuba diving and you never would have thought that something like a.

Competition could lead to a.

Life of travel where you know you start off with no money you’ve really got to put your head around this look if you.

Don’t have money this is the next best option.

There are hundreds and hundreds there are thousands of opportunities online for you to find to apply yeah sure it might take a bit of time it might take a bit of energy but manage me.

Why wouldn’t you try if there’s no excuses so get your ass out there apply yourself and get on the road experience the world because traveling is for everyone and.

As soon as you get that itch you are gonna see what it does to you it could change you as a person so for me to you I love you and leave a comment if you think I’ve missed something or you like my advice I know it’s unique please hit the like button subscribe to our channel and we’ll see.

You soon for another video ciao.


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