7 Ways You Can Travel (almost) For Free In 2019

What’s up guys I’m gonna share with you the four best ways to travel the world with no money at all it sounds pretty crazy right listen if you take the advice we’re gonna share with you today you could literally set off on an adventure to not come home for a year two years five years this stuff is gonna.

Change you from a fundamental perspective because that’s what travel does it takes you.

Out of the comfort of your home and your culture and the people you’re surrounded with every day and like all the time zones and what you do hour per hour of every waking day of your life it puts you in a new perspective you’ll see life through a different lens.

So take this advice let’s kick some ass and we’re gonna start off with number one competitions it’s gonna sound kind of.

Funny I know I know competitions what do you mean there are thousands of companies that are literally putting competitions online that you can apply for and if you win you will get free travel I’m not joking you search.

Travel competitions on Google scroll down to the bottom click page ten.

And you will still be reading competitions from random clothing.

Companies from dive shops from all these different places like the opportunities are endless you just need to.

Apply yourself number two job offers okay listen you must have a skill or two or three who knows are you a bartender do you have mathematical skills you’re an accountant can you you know teach someone English so you.

Have a strong back and you can.

Work you know very well and lay concrete whatever you can do there is going to be a Craigslist in the country you want it visit and explore you can go.

There and you can work and get paid to do it and you don’t need anybody it’s that simple now it’s a bit different obviously I get it look you’re not traveling the world all extravagantly but you’re gonna.

Be in another country and you’re gonna be having a whole life in this other area where you know for example I was in Australia I got this really strange job where you’re essentially getting people to sign up for different monthly offerings and you have to.

Like stop them on the street no fun at all but what I did.

Was I worked this job into my hours I’m not working I’m surfing I’m like going to different areas of different cities that.

I’ve never explored before I’m finding waterfalls I’m meeting new people staying in different hostels and then a month.

Get a different job and these opportunities are afforded to you you just gotta look for them which leads us to number three number three is work to live opportunities all right now there are a bajillion websites online that offer really unique applicable things where you’re gonna.

Go online you’re gonna find something like get paid.

Someone’s house in another country sounds weird yes it is this is.

Whooping I’ve never done whooping and I think there’s two double users in the word whooping but essentially they’re gonna teach you how to be an organic you know sustainable farmer and sometimes you get paid to do this as well so.

These are opportunities you’re gonna find online and it.


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