Best Travel Laptops In 2018 – Which Is The Best Laptop For Traveling?

In this episode of 10 best ones we are going to check out the top 5 best laptops for travel in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these laptops you.

Can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 we have the Asus vive book F 510 UA the Asus vive book would be a really good option if you’re a frequent traveler who is looking for a compact and exceptionally thin.

Packs sleek aesthetics vivid screen and.

A fast performance with a price that is affordable to a variety of people from a design perspective the vivo book features an impressively thin 0.

8 inch profile that is entirely made of plastic even though.

Of an aluminum since Asus has decided to make a laptop that looks really expensive but if you ask me they aren’t far from their primary intention.

At the inside you will instantly see the touchpad that is positioned at the bottom Center while at the top right corner of the touchpad there is a fingerprint reader that will exclude you from the need to type passwords every time you want to log in the touchpad itself has a great build quality and so far users haven’t shown any remarks in terms of functionality above the touchpad there is a chiclet style keyboard that has a decent key.

Travel so you can type quickly and accurately without any problem the connectivities are minimalistic as the laptops construction but you will be well equipped though there is a USB 2.1 type C port a full-sized HDMI port three point five millimeters headset and an SD card reader which is great now let’s talk about the features the vivo book uses.

An IPS Full HD manage display with an ultra narrow 0.3 inch bezel which is great in my opinion due to the fact.

That the screen will produce lifelike visuals that will look like they.

Moving on this unit is equipped with the 8th gen of Intel i5 processor and Intel UHD 620 graphics 8 gigabytes of RAM one terabyte.

HDD and 128 gigabytes SSD which will ensure quick loading times plenty of tabs and apps running at the same time so.

You can do plenty of stuff at once moreover the battery life can last between 4.

To 6 hours depending on your usage which is still good since you can always plug it to your charger.

And keep working overall I’d recommend you consider the.

Vivo book seriously if you’re looking for an affordable laptop that performs like a premium one moving on at.

Number four we have the Asus Zenbook ux302 a the Asus Zenbook ux302 you aah 55 is a 13.

Laptop mainly because of its lightweight and ultra slim construction that make it suitable to carry it with you anywhere you go from a design perspective this.

Model has an aluminum construction that finished in a brushed metal and decorated with concentric circles that are present at the top of the lid so when you see the laptop as a whole it looks very handsome along the laptops left side there is an audio jack an SD card and a USB 3.0 port while on the other there is yet another USB 3.0 port a single micro HDMI port.

And a USB C port with no Thunderbolt 3 support so for the price you pay they are more than good the.

Interior holds an extra-wide touchscreen that features a smooth surface and an embedded fingerprint sensor so say goodbye to the boring passwords since from now all you have to do is just use your fingers in order to login in addition the keyboard offers 1.5 millimeter of a key travel and it is backlit so.

You won’t be frustrated while typing at night as you’re preparing presentations for the next morning the 13.3 inch and E glare screen will take your breath from the moment you turn on the laptop because it produces vibrant visuals with a full HD resolution for maximizing your user experience so regardless if you’re working or watching movies I think that you won’t find any remarks but.

Now let’s talk about the performance the Zen book packs an eighth gen Intel i5 processor eight gigabytes of RAM and integrated graphics.

And a 256 gigabytes SSD which means that your productivity will be increased to a whole new level or to be more precise regardless of the number of programs and tabs that are running at background you won’t find any noticeable lag that can interrupt your work the audio quality is great thanks.

To the front mounted Harman Kardon speakers so for movies YouTube or twitch videos you won’t find any remarks finally the battery.

Life may last around 13 hours or let’s say that it will keep you covered throughout the whole day to conclude the Asus Zenbook ux302 is worthy of considering because it packs an.

Impressive hardware battery life and screen that will help you see what you’ve missed previously next up at number three we have the Microsoft Surface pro the surface pro.

Is the latest Microsoft model that has reshaped the market since it offers a great value for its price tag.

It is extremely portable and its performance is a true bliss from a design perspective the surface pro shines with elegance because it’s body was crafted with a magnesium alloy frame with rounded edges that makes it incredibly portable and lightweight at the same time that’s why you can use it in three modes starting from the laptop mode studio mode.

And in a tablet mode if you remove or fold the pro signature type cover so it will function as a standalone.

Intel tablet in addition regardless if you’re typing on the keyboard or swiping on the touchpad all of your clicks and swipes will be effectively registered so I think that you will love working on both of them moreover the twelve.

Point three inch pixel sense touch screen looks beautiful with a maximum resolution of two thousand seven hundred thirty six by 1824 in terms of pixels so regardless.

Of the mode in which you use this unit you will never.

Be disappointed there is a decent.

Load of connectivity ports as well so you can find a single USB 3.

A mini DisplayPort one micro SDXC card reader and.

A headphone and mic combo jack now let’s talk about the features the surface pro comes in different hardware specs but i’ve chosen the one that integrates four gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes SSD and an intel core i5 processor so i have to admit that the hardware is pretty good when compared with the cost you pay moving on these specs.

Are more than good to equip you with.

Quick loading times and increase your productivity as well due to the fact that you won’t deal with lags finally the battery life is rated to up to 13.5 hours of usage according to the manufacturer but.

This may vary either way even 10 hours of usage in practice would be great overall I strongly recommend you consider the surface pro as your next purchase because this laptop justifies its price tag and offers even more value with its performance moving on at number 2 we have the Google pixel bug the Google pixel book is a premium hybrid laptop that.

Combines an attractive design powerful hardware and a long lasting battery life for your ultimate user experience from a design perspective the pixel book features an incredibly thin lightweight aluminum construction that is accompanied by two flexible hinges that.

Will let you use the laptop in four different ways to be more specific you can use this unit as an ordinary laptop as a tablet in a tent and entertainment mode the entertainment mode is when you fold the keyboard underneath so you can choose a mode that would suit your needs the best in a particular moment the connectivities include USB type-c ports and I think that Google could have implemented a bit more at the bottom Center when the lid is.

Open you will instantly notice the spacious buttonless touchpad that is covered in a sleek white color with the intention to match with the laptops aesthetics the touchpad is extremely responsive it supports multi-touch gestures and users claim that they’ve never experienced any issue with it slightly above there is the backlit keyboard that has an appropriate key travel with.

Silver keys that feel really comfortable when you’re typing so you can.

Type accurately during the day or at night at the top there is the twelve point three inch touchscreen that is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass so you wouldn’t worry if you accidentally drop the laptop in addition the screens maximum resolution is 2400 by 1600 pixels and produces vivid and sharp visuals which is great but now let’s talk about the performance the pixel book is powered by an i5 processor eight gigabytes of RAM a 128 gigabytes SSD.

And an HD 615 graphics which will ensure quick booting times on one side while on the other they will maximize your productivity you can have plenty of tabs.

And apps running at the same time and enough space.

For storing plenty of files that are important to you the battery life may last around 10 hours according to.

Google which is more than a typical working day so you will be fine overall the pixel book is a top choice for everyone who is looking for a versatile laptop that packs a sleek design and a quality hardware and finally at.

Number one we have the LG gram 15 Z 970 the LG gram 15 Z 970 would be an extremely good option if you want to invest.

In a lightweight laptop that looks and performs premium so let’s get quickly into action.


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